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Meet Our BCS Junior Interns

Alum News & Updates

Crew 9 Expedition - Class of 2022

Meet Our Spring Interns

1/29 - Incredible Campus Visits!

Internship - Work Based Learning

College March an amazing success!!!

Applefest is a FUN-raising success!

Meet Our Fall Interns

BCS Students BRING IT!

Internship Update 2018

5/17 - Science ET Fieldwork

Crew 9 survives camping!

4/12 - ELA ET Fieldwork

BCS hosts students from Denmark!

SHOUT OUT to BCS Robosharks!

UG ET - Math Adventures!

Crews Speak Up for Safer Schools!

Upper Grades Campus Invasion

Debut of our Dance Fitness Studio!

Celebrating our ELL Students!

12/21 - UG Mathlympics!

BCS is 100% College Bound!

11/16 - UG Expeditionary Thursday

11/2 Science Expeditionary Thursday

10/26: LG Expeditionary Thursday ET

Apple Fest excitement at 610 Henry!

UG Expeditionary Thursday ET 10/19

BCS rocks Fall Spirit Week!

UG Science Fieldwork

June Family Breakfast

Upper Grades May Intensives

May Family Breakfast

Upper Grades March Intensives!

April Family Breakfast

UG ELA Expeditionary Thursday ET

2/16 - Expeditionary Thursday!

March Family Breakfast

BCS February Family Breakfast

12/15 - UG Mathlympics

Guest Speaker Brad Lander

Grading and Assessment at BCS

BCS is 100% College Bound!

Happy Thanksgiving from BCS!

11/10 - Amazing UG Science ET!

BCS Robosharks featured on NY1 News

10/27 - ELA Expeditionary Thursday!

BCS Teams Up with NYPD!

UG ET 10/13 SS - A Day of Learning!