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Rebekah Landez

Rebekah Landez

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Winter NWEA - Analyzing the Data

Process Boards

3rd and 4th Grade PLC's

Amplifying Balanced Math

Reflecting on Instruction

Student Led, Structure, Chaos....

Tools to Amplify Instruction!

February Edition!

Math Accountability

Math Process Standards

Academic Vocabulary

When Passion Ignites Engagement!

Fishers Elementary

Hoosier Road

Inspecting Equations!

Inspecting Equations!

Writer's Workshop: 4th Grade

Writer's Workshop: 3rd Grade

Writer's Workshop: 2nd Grade

Writer's Workshop: 1st Grade

The October Edition!

HPE and TCE, What a Start!!

Writer's Workshop! Let's Get Started!

ISTEP - The Basics! Part 2 Spring

Why Reader's Workshop?

Finding Your "Just Right Math"