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Meranda Dawkins

Meranda Dawkins

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Georges Seurat and Pointillism

Color Wheel Creations

Line City

Marbled Paper Spider Web

Wayne Thiebaud, PIES!

Vincent Van Gogh

Art With Ms. Dawkins

Op Art

Surrealistic Animals

Surrealism and Architecture

Shape Vs. Form

Louise Nevelson Sculptures

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Picasso Portraits Relief Sculpture

A Piece of my Heart Collage

Texas Landscapes

Animal Faces

Wacky Birds

Snowy Trees

Twig Weaving

Keith Haring - Movement and Shape

Matisse Decoder Collages

Winter Landscapes

Dallas Museum of Art Field Trip

Sketchbooks, Collages, Poetry

The Elements of Art Smash Book

Faith Ringold Line & Radial Design

Antoni Gaudi LINE City

Art Siege !

One-Point Perspective


Monster Attack!

Meranda Dawkins

4th Grade Collaborative Sculpture

Clay Masks

2nd Grade Monster Pinch Pots

2nd Grade Fall Trees

1st Grade Texture Pinch Pots

Stay Cool Surfboards in the Sand

Pattern Totems

Ida Kohlmeyer Name Grids

2nd Grade Thanksgiving Art Show

Sailboat Collage

Rainbow Box Sculpture

Cool Pop Art Printmaking

Wayne Thiebaud Ice Cream Cones

Swim Noodle Printmaking

Mondrian Collages

Elation Pumpkin Patch

Welcome to Art!

Welcome to Art!


Winter Trees

Texture Tiles

Pablo Picasso Styled Self-Portraits

Wacky Cat Hats

Line City

4th Grade Fine Arts Night

Drawing a Manikin

Louise Nevelson Sculptures

simple shapes complex designs

Keith Haring People

Wayne Thiebaud Sweet Sculptures

Heart Prints

Zentangle Heart Designs

Romare Bearden Collages

Animal Printmaking

Hands & Hearts & Stars

Persistence of Memory

Dia De Los Muertos Skulls

Tree Silhouettes

Form and Value

Landscapes and Gabriele Munter

Spider Printmaking

Woven Characters

Georgia O'Keefe Magnified Pictures

Salvador Dali Mustaches


Color Wheel

Henri Matisse's Goldfish

Primary and Secondary Colors

The Elements of Art

Form and Value

The 5 Types of Lines

Paul Klee

The Flipped Classroom

Flipped Videos

4th Grade Art Show


Painting with Henri Matisse