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Megan Bruce

Megan Bruce

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Digital Learning Coach in Frisco ISD

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Bulb Digital Portfolios

Memes in the Classroom


Green Screen

Smashing Apps

Green Screen using DoInk

Bulb ePortfolios

Differential Rate Law

Social and Emotional Health PSA

Metallic Bonding Activity

Las innovaciones tecnológicas

LSHS Ozobot Challenge


Project Options

Chemistry Ozobot Challenge!

Metallic Bonding

Maxwell-Boltzmann Distributions

Model 3

Model 2

Model 1

1920's Culture: Part B

1920's Culture: Part A

Adjusting to Peace

Economics of the 1920’s

ATP/Cell Transport

Hydraulic Fracturing PSA

Atomic Theory Scientists

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Electron Configuration Practice

Nuclear and Electron Configuration

Photosynthesis and Respiration

My French Scrapbook Page

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Chapter 2 & Chapter 13 Review

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Athens vs. Sparta

Ancient Rome

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Op-Ed Page Project


Governments & Economies

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The Gilded Age

Star News Report

The Big Bang Project

Parent & Piecewise Functions

Algebra Review

Algebra Review

Area of a Triangle

Google Hangouts

Social Media Capstone Project


Everything Else Being Equal

Obstacle 1 - Lab Techniques

Acids and Bases

World War II

11 Steps to Archery Success

Food Truck

History of Advertising Timeline

Number Lock

Alpha Lock

Creating Media


Herb and Spice Project

Civil Rights Project

Technology Options Template

Decision Making

Spring Technology Showcase

Composing a Persuasive "Text"

Video Editing Options

Video Editing Options

Systems of Equations

Ceramics Project

Impulse and Momentum

Newspaper Template Options

Multi-Genre Research Project

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Deviance Website

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School of Rock

Business Project

Entrepreneur Project

Where are we going?!

When is my trip?!

Electrostatics Charge & Current

Pathogens Wanted Poster