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Mark  Sleeper

Mark Sleeper

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“Making the best use of the most powerful weapon – EDUCATION - , Mark Sleeper; the most gentle and loving educator was successful in changing the world”

Mark was born in 1950 in Minnesota. He belonged to a middle-class family. His father worked as an associate in the local department of post while mother was a home maker.

Though there were plenty of reasons for Mark to become a well-loved figure, the true inspiration for him was always his family. He has seen times when his parents struggled to make the ends meet, so he never wanted to experience the same situation in life ever after. Moreover, his parents kept on motivating him and guiding him throughout his childhood towards the right path.


Since Mark was keen of learning and always wanted to share whatever he learned, he decided to enroll with Capella University to pursue a degree in education. He completed both, Bachelor’s and Master’s in

Education with a very good score from Campbell.

He was amongst the intelligent students of the college who participated in each and every event that was organized in the college. He even won a lot of prizes for his active participation.