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James Cutlip

James Cutlip

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Google Sites 101 w/ Apps & Add-ons!

Social-Emotional Competence (9-12)

Social-Emotional Competence (4-8)

Social-Emotional Competence

Supporting Students w/ Autism

Co-Teaching in the Classroom

Co-Teaching Foundations

Vision Into Practice

Classroom Management Bootcamp

Echoes & Reflections


Google Forms and Sheets - 101

PECS Level 1 & Level 2 Trainings

PLC Opportunity

M-CESC Teaching & Learning

Modified Orton-Gillingham Approach

Regional PBIS Team Trainings

Related Services in the School

MCCESC Teaching & Learning

Google Docs 101

Creating Leaders Academy

Communicable Diseases Workshop

Red Flags Implementer Training

Save the Date

Attacking the ACT

S'cool Moves

Eric Sheninger Workshop

The Coaching Leader

2019-2020 Summer Admin Retreat

The ESC Connection

ELA Assessment Creation

Safety Plan Workshop

Now Hiring

Differentiation for ALL

Practical Differentiation

Ethics of Social Media & Technology

Calling Champaign County 9-12 Teens

Sec. 504, the ADA, & Students

ISTE Certification Course

Follow Up Orton-Gillingham Workshop

Rigor & Engagement for Growing Mind

Red Flags Implementer Training

Hidden in Plain Sight

Evidence-based Kernels for Life

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Computer Science Fundamentals

Basic Sign Language

Visual Phonics Workshop

Code.org Admin Workshop