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Impact Wales

Impact Wales

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Curriculum for Wales - 4 Crucial Qs

12 Pedagogical Principles - UPDATED

Curriculum for Wales - 4 Crucial Qs

Quality of Instruction Programme

Impact Wales Membership Platform!

Curriculum for Wales - Feedback

Curriculum for Wales - 4 Crucial Qs

Evidence Based Assessment Training


The Matthew Effect

The New Curriculum Landscape

Cardiff High - #TalkCurriculum

What Schools Need Now...

Curriculum for Wales - Feedback

Balancing Curriculum for Wales

Professional Learning Resources

3 Step Impact Analysis

Why Teachers need Research

3 Extra INSET Days Announced

Estyn & Curriculum for Wales

Latest Curriculum for Wales News

Merry Christmas

A Guide to Curriculum Changes

Managing Resistance to Change

School Funding & Teachers' CPD

We need your help!

Small Change Leads to Big Thinking

Teachers’ research skills tested

Using Research for Impact

A Learning Inspectorate - 9 key Qs

Estyn on Donaldson Readiness

Cognitive Science in Practice

Donaldson Readiness Workshops

Updates to our Terms & Conditions

Preparing for Curriculum for Wales

Raising Standards - a case study

We are Recruiting!

A Cluster Project Case Study

AoLE Statements Published

Estyn Annual Report - an analysis

Impact Workshops - 2018/19

Curriculum for Wales Workshop

Theory to Practice Conference

Using Research in the Classroom

Twilight Intro to Curriculum Change

Impact Wales Newsletter

Challenging MAT Learners to excel

Progressing Literacy & Numeracy

We are Recruiting!

School Support - 2017/18

A New Curriculum for Wales

Impact Wales Newsletter

Teaching Reading Comprehension

Donaldson Readiness FAQs

Curriculum Changes Test Drive Day

Literacy Mats

Donaldson Readiness Conference

Donaldson's 4 Purposes

Donaldson Readiness Conference

Progress of new Wales Curriculum

Why drawing makes the difference

Latest News Curriculum for Wales

Host an Impact Workshop

Using National Test Data Workshop

Donaldson Readiness Workshop

Sketchnoting for Educators

The Trouble with Reading in Wales

Impact Wales Newsletter

Practical Visual Literacy

Impact Wales Newsletter

LNF Review - Prepare for Inspection

Sketch-noting for the Classroom

Sketch-noting for the classroom

Donaldson Readiness Workshop

Impact Wales Newsletter