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Georgia Ross

Georgia Ross

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Now booking Class of 2021!

Linear Relationships


Class of 2020!

Angles & Triangles

Roots & Square Roots

Scatter Plots

Surface Area & Volume

Pythagorean Theorem

Solving Multi-step Equations

Solving 1 & 2 Step Equations

Real Number System


Linear Relationships

Rosses Math Bosses Game Center!

Mastering MC in Math Class!

Function Models!

IndianTrail Dance Pics!

How To.... video assignment!

Our Vision Board

IT Math PLC!

ITMS Silver Stars

Summit Trail Cheer Pics!

IT Math PLC!

Data & Probability

Geometry Concepts

Expressions & Equations


Math Facts/Order of Operations

Multi-Step Equations

Now booking Class of 2021!

Rational & Irrational #'s!


Angles & Parallel Lines

Perfect Squares!

Multiplying Powers w/the same Base

Math 8

NYC Headshots

Project Based Learning



Proportion Power!!

Converting Decimals/Fractions/%

Integer Ops!

Now booking Class of 2021!

Fraction Frenzy!!!

Solving 1 & 2 Step Equations

Fraction Operations!

Rates, Ratios & Unit Rates!

Decimals Operations

Math 8 Assessment Review

Volume of 3D Shapes



The Pythagorean Theorem

Linear Functions!


Systems of Equations!

Writing Linear Equations!

Math 8 Challenge!

Math 8 Challenge!

Math 8 Challenge!

Proportional & Linear Relationships

Square Roots & Radicals

Decimal Operations!

Integers Operations!

Solving Equations!

Come Celebrate our Graduates!

Fall Family Mini Sessions!

Exponents & Scientific Notation

Negative Exponents!

IT Math PLC!

The Ballet Sessions VII

Mathematics Across the Curriculum!

IT Math PLC!

The Ballet Sessions


The Real Number System

Math 8 challenge!