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Georgia Ross

Georgia Ross

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Function Models!

IndianTrail Dance Pics!

How To.... video assignment!

Our Vision Board

IT Math PLC!

Summit Trail Dance Pics!

Summit Trail Cheer Pics!

IT Math PLC!

Data & Probability

Geometry Concepts

Expressions & Equations


Math Facts/Order of Operations

Multi-Step Equations

Now booking Class of 2020!

Rational & Irrational #'s!


Parallel Lines

Perfect Squares!

Multiplying Powers w/the same Base

Math 8

NYC Headshots

Project Based Learning



Proportion Power!!

Converting Decimals/Fractions/%

Integer Ops!

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Fraction Frenzy!!!

Solving 1 & 2 Step Equations

Fraction Operations!

Rates, Ratios & Unit Rates!

Decimals Operations

Math 8 Assessment Review

Volume & Surface Area



The Pythagorean Theorem

Linear Functions!


Systems of Equations!

Writing Linear Equations!

Math 8 Challenge!

Math 8 Challenge!

Math 8 Challenge!

Proportional & Linear Relationships

Square Roots & Radicals

Decimal Operations!

Integers Operations!

Solving Equations!

Come Celebrate our Graduates!

Fall Family Mini Sessions!

Exponents & Scientific Notation

Negative Exponents!

IT Math PLC!

The Ballet Sessions VI

Mathematics Across the Curriculum!

IT Math PLC!

The Ballet Sessions


The Real Number System

Math 8 challenge!