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First Cut! Youth Film Festival

First Cut! Youth Film Festival

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The First Cut! Film Festival sets out
1. To provide an opportunity for showing films made by young people in an open, non-competitive, festival format.
2. Recognising that many participants are at an early stage in their film making careers we aim to provide a programme of workshops that support skills development in various aspects of the filmic process.
3. To welcome film makers from throughout Ireland and abroad and provides opportunities for social, critical and artistic interaction among the festival participants.
4. To actively consult and listen to young people so that the programme is informed and responds to the views of young film makers and young audiences
First Cut is the only dedicated Youth Film Festival in the Southern region of Ireland. It has grown steadily since 2009 and offers opportunities for film makers to show their work across a range of genres including documentary, drama, music video etc. The Festival is primarily about filmmaking and while audience is important, our primary aim is to create a festival that supports new entrants to film and encourages the career development of young makers. The Open Call results in an exciting and challenging programme for young audience
We set out to meet the needs of young aspiring filmmakers, actively encouraging greater awareness of the work being done by others both in Ireland and further afield, promoting networking that enables them to create valuable links and contacts. In Youghal we provide opportunities to mix and mingle in a relaxed atmosphere, attend screenings, take part in discussion groups, Q&A's, workshops and meet and learn from established professionals. Many participants have progressed to study film and related areas at 3rd level.

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