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Debbie Schiano

Debbie Schiano

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Choice Summer Reads

Twofer' Tuesday 1/30/18

Twofer Tuesday 1/23

Bring Your Lunch Library Meetups

Rising from the Rabbit Hole

This Week at Your PTHS Library

This Week at YOUR PTHS Library

Banned Books Week at PTHS

PTHS Staff Reads Book Club

Twofer' Tuesday: 1/31/17

Twofer' Tuesday 1/17/17

Twofer' Tuesday 1/10/17

Onefer' Wednesday 12/14/16

Onefer' Wednesday 9/11/19

Twofer' Tuesday 11/15/16

Twofer' Tuesday

Three for Thursday: 4/21/16

Twofer Tuesday: 3/22/16

Three for Thursday: 3/17/16

Twofer Tuesday: 3/1/16

Twofer Tuesday: 2/23/16


Twofer Tuesday: 2/16/16

Three for Thursday: 2/11/16

Twofer Tuesday: Feb 2

Twofer Tuesday: Jan 26

www.wanna' share 9/29/14

www.wanna' share

www.wanna' share

www.wanna' share

"This is Not your Mother's Library"

"This Is Not Your Mother's Library"

www. wanna' share 3/11/13

www. wanna' share 2/4/13

www. wanna' share 1/2/13

www. wanna' share 12/11/12

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