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Deb Frazier

Deb Frazier

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Comfort Holds

Summer Academy

Sizzling, Summer, Slam!

Sizzling, Summer, Slam!

Sizzling, Summer, Slam!

Epic at Home!

National Poetry Month

Valentine's Day


It's All About Knowing Your Why~

Stay Connected to Our Learning!

Reading At Home

March Book Madness!

Class Slice of Life Story Challenge

Mischief Making Math~ EdCamp DC/ADE

Happy Holidays!

Kid Blog


Literacy ~ New Voices, New Audience

First Grade Technology Night

Developing Wild Readers!

@Frazier1st Happenings~

Summer Reading Challenge

Writers Workshop

Field Day

Important Updates

Tomorrow's a BIG DAY in 1st Grade!

Save the Date!

The Nuts and Bolts of First Grade