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Corey Butler

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The Talking Heads

The Jackson 5

90s R&B


Psychedelic Rock

The Grunge Movement

Punk Rock

Grunge Rock


The Roaring 20's

Elvis Presley

Michael Jackson

Grunge/Rock of the 90's

Nashville Country 1990's

Motown Records

This Is America

WW2 and Music

Soul Music

Indie Music

Soul Train

The Cold War

Lo-Fi Hip Hop

The Great Depression Jazz

Evolution of Bluegrass

1960's Civil Rights

Texas Swing

The Swing Era

Lauryn Hill

Music of the Vietnam War

1970's Punk Rock

The Chicano Movement

Aolani Lopez

Ja'Lae wilson

New Orleans: Funeral Music

Hippie Culture

The Chicano Movement


Keedra Johnson

80s Hair Bands

Keyaira and Yukhari

Xueting Xia

Hannah Flournoy

Samantha Arroyo

Tiana Saulus

Alyssabeth and Madison

Emma Whitfill

Kate Bjorgo

Mexican Music in California

Taylee and Skyler

The American Indian

Micah Hargers

Music of the 70's

Elexes Silvas

Madison Files

MaKayla Wright

Samara Lambright

80s music and the Cold War

New York Music

1970s Disco

New Orleans Jazz Music

Abigail Turley

Radio and Mass media

Cecily Castro

My Smore Flyer

My Smore Flyer

T-TESS and Tech

Music of the 21st Century

Christian rock music

Rock and Roll in the 1950's

1950's women in music

The History of Love Songs

Evolution of Hip Hop

The Common People

Music of African Americans

The Seattle Grunge Movement

Music Impact During WWII

Women in Motown and the 90's

the Unity of Music

Disco music

Negro Spirituals

Music During The Great Depression

Native American Music

Civil war .

Civil War Battles

civil war.

Civil War