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Cathrine Stjern

Cathrine Stjern

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Cathrine works as a therapist with acupuncture TCM, reflexology, nutritional microscopy. She is spreading the word and science of redox signaling around the world as a network marketing professional.
She helps you to see there is a crucial connection between the Mind, the Spirit and the Body. And is a helper to combine these three parts of you to become more the one you want to be.
She has also studied and worked several years in the army, and has a master degree (siv.ing) in Industrial Ecology from NTH in Trondheim Norway.

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Blodanalyse / Mikroskopering

Blodanalyse / Mikroskopering


Blod-mikroskopering Oppdal+Hafjell

Blod-mikroskopering Oppdal+Hafjell

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