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Carramar School

Carramar School

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Welcome to Term 1 2016

Term 4 RFF

TERM 4 2015 - ICT in Kindergarten

Creating our own Moroccan Dwellings

Welcome to 1/2 William!

Book Week

Numeracy Lessons in KI

Germany in KI

KT makes Pizza!

Term 3 Numeracy

The Farm

What's been happening in Term 3?

Term Three ......... OMG!!!!!!!!

What's happening in RFF?

Local News Update

Golf at Carramar

ICT with KI, KT & K/1E

What's happening in RFF?

3/4M's mini art gallery

Bike Riding

The Interactive Sound Rocket

Term 2 in K Thurston

Literacy sessions in KI

Welcome to K Inglis!