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Bruce Hersey

Bruce Hersey

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Bruce Hersey, LCSW, is an Approved Consultant in EMDR & Clinical Hypnosis (EMDRIA & ASCH), an AASECT Certified Supervisor in Sex Therapy, and also Certified in IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy). He completed IFS Levels One, Two & Three Training, is a repeat Level One Program Assistant & IFS International Conference presenter. He is the moderator of The Internal Family Systems Network, a Linkedin international discussion group. He is both steward and practitioner at Heartspace Wellness Alliance, a space for professional trainings, counseling and wellness practices in Altoona, PA, USA.

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IFS for EMDR Therapists

IFS-Informed EMDR online workshop

IFS-Informed EMDR

IFS Intro (2-day)


IFS Intro (2-day)

IFS Intro (2-day)



Altoona, PA 3/27/20

IFS Intro (2-day)

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IFS for EMDR Therapists

IFS-Informed EMDR now online!

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Santa Fe, NM 10/4/19

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Stress and the Vagal Nerve

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Types of Parts: Managers

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IFS: Inner Parts Introduction

Making a Trauma List

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Changing Your Story

IFS: A Conceptual Overview

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