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Altham Oak Bespoke Structures Ltd

Altham Oak Bespoke Structures Ltd

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Altham Oak Bespoke Structures ltd specialise in the manufacture of Structural Oak frames and trusses, combining time-honoured techniques with contemporary standards of durability and functionality with an emphasis on balancing tradition with problem-solving innovation, we work with the natural form of the oak where possible.

We’re extremely competent and experienced at shaping Oak Beams to pre-determined dimensions to give a natural rustic appearance. Band sawn green oak is a beautiful addition to any home and can be worked to spectacular effect using both traditional hand crafted and mechanised techniques.

We work in partnership with Architects and Engineers to produce Oak Structures that test the limits of what is possible and conform to building regs approval. Know more details visit:- http://www.oak-beams.co.uk/products/oak-frames/

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Altham Oak Bespoke Structures Ltd