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The Learning Cottage

The Learning Cottage

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Peanut Free School

Parking Lot Rules/ Safety

Taking The Lorax Challenge

Lets Recycle

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Read Across America!

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Phone Lines Up and Working

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A New Journey For Ms. Anna

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SmartCare tax Statement

Gum At The Learning Cottage

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Shaken Baby Policy

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Read Across America

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Soccer Shots (Every Tuesday)

Your Toddler and Utensils

A Father's Day Celebration

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April At The Learning Cottage

March Madness!

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Ms. Aimee On Vacation

Your Vote Counts

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Closed For Memorial Day

Inclement Weather - Friday 4/19


May Happenings

Big Steps At The Little Cottage

Fusion Pre-K Information Night

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Finding The One...

Character Building Can A Thon

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Open Letter to My Daughter

Will You be Our Class Valentine?