5 Themes of Austin

Samuel Meyer

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Austin Texas is located in the middle of the state, west of Houston, south of Dallas/Fort Worth, and north of San Antonio. The city is located on Lake Austin, which is formed by the Lower Colorado river. The latitude and longitude of Austin is

30° 16' 0" N / 97° 44' 34" W.


Austin, TX is the capital of the state of Texas. It is located in the hill country of central Texas on the Colorado River. Austin is the eleventh largest city in the United States and has a population of almost 900,000 people. In the past Austin has risen from a small city to a large developmental technology center. Austin has a unique culture with a diverse mix of people that includes professionals, students and musicians.

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Austin is located in Travis county along the Balcones Fault. The city resides on the eastern most edge of the Texas hill country which spans from the border of Mexico to the lower Colorado River. This region has been particularly affected by drought starting in 2010 and continuing since. The lack of water has resulted in a warming and drying regional climate with impacts to the area economy.


Austin is the location of the University of Texas and is a very large technology center nicknamed "Silicon Hills." The affordable cost of housing attracts many people from around the country. Various seasonal events attract tourism such as Austin City Limit's Music festival and South by Southwest.

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Human Enviroment Interaction

Austin is a very enviromentally friendly area, named the greenest city in America. Austin is also considered a very active outdoor city, meaning it has a a large number of recreational areas, especially around Lake Austin. Autin has both adapted to the enviroment by conserving water, which has become a key issue currently and in the past.

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