Fourth Grade FOCUS News

October 14, 2016

Language Arts

Today we will be discussing our latest book club selection with our groups. Mrs. Amolo and I are so looking forward to hearing what you think of your books! Please work on your response this weekend (follow the template that's in your journal) and be ready to share these on Monday. We'll go to the media center on Wednesday and post our responses to the blog. Your next book club book will be given to you on Wednesday. You will have a little bit longer to read this new book - be sure to check the calendar on my eclass page for due dates.

Next week in class we will learn how to identify different types of informational texts. We'll take a look at some different articles and determine if they use chronological, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, or problem and solution text structures. We'll complete a DBQ activity using one of the articles on Thursday.

During writing we will continue working on our essays now that we have written our thesis statements. Our grammar focus will be on the order of adjectives in sentences.


Next week we learn how to classify numbers as either prime or composite. I'll place a video on my eclass page with some extra practice. In addition, we'll also look at patterns. This will help us later in the week as we work on input/output charts.