Brooke Michele Morrill

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where i come from

I am from Tampa, FL and have lived there since I was born. I love to longboard and surf during free time.

I graduated from H.B. Plant High School in 2015 and there I rowed and was a coxswain on the crew team for three years.

who i am

I am majoring in mechanical engineering. I like designing, building and learning how things work

why excel?

I wanted to belong to a group of people who shared the same major as me and develop networking skill as well as take advantage of tutoring opportunities. I have a dream job as being an imagineer for Walt Disney World and know how EXCEL can aid me in developing relationships and leadership. I think EXCEL will help me remain focused on this goal and help guide me through freshmen year will an open mind and positive perspective

fun fact:

I play five instruments including drums, piano, violin, guitar, and ukulele and I've been singing and performing for six years