Jim: Rebel without a cause

just give me a good grade.

Jim Stark background

When Jim Stark was young he used to move every where and change schools time to time because he used to get in trouble. Jim didn't have friends and he looks like he's having family issues. He is a spoiled kid that dose what he want and he will fight any one that calls him chicken.

Jim's cause is wanting to show every one that he is a man and that he needs no one. His mom is always running away from her problems, the dad just has a hard time picking a side, and Jim wants to be alone from wvere

(3) Did he learn anything

I really wouldn't say he learned any because I really don't have that much information. But lets say he did learn something at the end. If Jim would learn anything he would learn life doesn't go your way or he learn to love every body because you might lose them.

Q:If you where Jim’s father would you side with your son or side with your wife.

I would side with my son if I was Frank Stark. It would be hard to go ageist your wife but if its for your kids I would think it's OK. I know Jim is going to the police and he might get in trouble but he would learn that some times you should keep thing to your self.

(4)Chicken run

A Chicken run is when you have two cars and you race to the cliff and jump out of the car so you wont die, but the first one to jump is a chicken. I think both of the boys have childish problems, Jim needs to show that he is a man, and Buzz need to show that he has no fear. The chicken run fits perfectly for these two. Buzz is trying to show Jim that he has no fear and Jim is trying to show Buzz that he is no chicken but a man. In this sort of race, really no one can win.

(5) The theme of the story

The Rebel Without a Cause theme is teenagers coping with something there and not there. Pluto is missing something from his life, Jim is dealing with his family and dealing with lack of real friendship, and Judy is missing true love. That being a teenager is really hard no matter what the year is.