Vinicius Lemos

Brazilian educator and Ed Tech enthusiast

About me

I am passionate about learning and sharing. That's why I became a teacher. Actually, I've never had a different job. I'm really fond of exploring emerging trends and new pedagogical possibilities that technology may offer. My passions include m-learning, , online teaching and learning and all other issues that directly relate to the "future of education".
In my spare time, I love being with friends. We like going to the movies, dining out and exploring the world together. I'm not a very good cook, but I really have a blast creating delicious dishes. I also love dancing. As a matter of fact, I used to dance hip hop professionally for many years, but now I'm "retired".

Life is like a rollercoaster and I believe we just have to sit back and enjoy the ride!

Aula do Eduardo Amorim Hip Hop
O Futuro da Educação

I've recently finished a specialization course on innovations in educational technologies. In this digital portfolio, you can check some of the amazing topics I've had the opportunity to explore.