MBHS Spanish 1

This Week in Señora's Class...


This week we continued with forms of gustar and dove into learning about direct and indirect articles by using the song lyrics from Alex Cuba's Agua del pozo.
Agua del Pozo

First Test is in the Books!

This past Thursday students took their first Spanish test and did MAGNIFICOS! Their Unit 1 reading comprehension test is already in HAC for you to see their grades.

Notebook Check

This week students also turned in their notebook for another test grade. I showed students were to find the slideshow to see what a completed notebook should look like, as well as where to find any missing notes to print off.

These grades will be in HAC by the end of the weekend.


In an effort to help students keep up with class when they're absent, I have started using Blendspace as be a place where students can see everything we've worked on, listened to, watched... EVERYTHING for the week.

The link to the week's slideshare will be posted in the About section of Google Classroom. The great thing about Slideshare is that I can update it on my end and it will always stay updated on the link in Google Classroom.

Here is the slideshow for this past week: Blendspace

Señor Wooly

I am so excited to be using Señorwooly.com with students again this year! Señor Wooly, a.k.a. James Woolridge, is a Spanish teacher from Evanston, IL that has a devilish sense of humor and creates hilarious music videos to teach Spanish to beginners without making it "baby."

I have been asked to be a beta tester for his revamped website before he unveils it for the masses. Students created their account and started working on their first assignment, called "nuggets," with the video "¿Puedo ir al baño?"

Ask your child to show you the video!

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