Fair Use of Online Images

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Copyrighting is the exclusive legal right given to someone to print or publish (etc.) material as long as the source is cited correctly. A piece of work is officially copyrighted immediately after it is created.

Fair Use of Using Online Images:

Fair use is the exception or limitation to the exclusive right granted by copyright law that allows people to use information without permission. This means that users can quote material without the permission of the author.

Public Domain:

Public domain is when the author's work expires and is no longer copyrighted. The author's work is officially "inapplicable" after their lifetime plus an extra 70 years after they die.

Examples of Websites with Free Images:

Creative Commons License:

A creative commons (CC) license is a public license that enables the distribution of a copyrighted work. This license is when an author allows their work to be used or shared by others.