Take Flight Reading Class

Haggard Middle School

Welcome to Mrs. Johnson's Take Flight Reading Class!

If you are a student, or a parent of a student in this class, you will find helpful information on this page.

Take Flight is a multisensory reading program developed by Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children that is designed specifically for students with dyslexia. It is a research-based program that provides systematic and explicit instruction in alphabet, decoding, fluency, phonemic awareness, spelling, and comprehension skills. The multi-sensory approach activates and utilizes various sensory pathways to help improve a student’s reading skills. Class sizes are limited to no more than six students to maximize students’ participation and provide immediate feedback.

Homework for Take Flight Class:

Click on the links below to access a Google Doc copy of these:

1. Reading Log: Students are expected to read every Monday through Thursday for at least 15 minutes a day. Choose a book that is not too hard (no more than 10 words that you don't know on a page) and that you enjoy. Reading a book along with audio counts too! Write down what you're reading each day and get a parent to sign your log at least once a week.

2. Calendar: You will receive a new homework calendar in class each month. Check each activity that you complete at home on Monday through Thursday, and get a parent's initials once a week.

Reading Logs and calendars will be checked for a daily grade each Friday.

Exam Schedule

Click HERE for a copy of the fall semester exam schedule.

Famous People Who Have Dyslexia

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