Join Akipiams Academy!

School of Math, Science and Technology in Montgomery AL.

Why Akipiams?

Akipiams is one of the most successful magnet schools in the southeast, raising Alabama's education standards and letting students embrace their passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)Our students are allowed independence most are not, while also giving multiple opportunities for help. We encourage independent studies, have a variety of AP's and happen to have a later school starting time.

Our plan

Vision: We mean to be the best STEM school in the southeast. We hope to have students who excel, try their hardest, and work through challenges. We also wish to have a diverse and accepting community.

Mission: We plan to be the pace setters by offering AP course, introducing vigorous curriculum, and having great instructors to help our students excel. We plan to have a variety of clubs so every person can join and feel accepted with people of similar interest.

School Spirt at Akipiams

Our mascot is dragon which represents wisdom, courage, and the balance between the two. Karishma, our dragon is blue and green to show our school colors. Blue tends to represent wisdom and green growth, two important things we all should acquire throughout life. Most importantly our school song Freewill encourages students to choose their own path.


  • Is admission required to get into Akipiams? Yes, students do have to go through admissions. If you want application information check our website.
  • When does school start and end? Our school begins at 7:45 and ends at 2:35.
  • Are uniform worn at Akipiams? No, though students must follow dress code.
  • How many classes do students have each day? Students have seven classes daily.
  • Is independent study offered? Yes, as an elective in senior year.
  • Are AP courses offered at Akipiams? Yes, we offer a variety of AP course for our students.