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Helpdesk Engineer

TTS Business Solutions

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TTS Business Solutions is a North East based Company.

A new and exciting role is now available with TTS Business Solutions that could lead to a successful career in ICT.

To qualify for this role, we are looking for a person that has numerous years experience in this sector as they will be working under pressure to complete there tasks, you will ideally need experience with systems such as being competent with Microsoft office and desk operating systems varying from windows 7 through to windows 10.

The type of person we are also looking is a team player who can work well in large numbers which will end up leading to the team working more efficiently as well as being well presented and articulate in order that you can preform your role to the highest standard.

Finally it will be required of you to hold a full UK driving license, this is because you will be moving around to various sites and we feel as though this role wouldn't be possible without a license, applicants will not be accepted unless they have a driving license.

If you have any further questions about this role or wish to apply, use the email below to get in contact.

Senior Graphic Designer

  • Coffee Design
  • 53 Lime Street
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • NE1 2PQ

Coffee Design is a UK based Digital Design Agency.

An Exciting and rewarding opportunity with this company has just became available, you will be working with clients to produce top tier designs in the place of work.

Ideally for this role the person in question will need various personality traits, for example as you will be working with valued customers of the company, it is essential that you are confident so you can implement your ideas and prove to them that you have a real passion for design, leading from this it would be very beneficial if the candidate was also a creative thinker as the role would require you to think outside the box and create projects unlike others.

To qualify for this role, you will need to have multiple years experience in this sector as it is a very fast paced role and it is required of you to work to deadlines, following from that, you need to a University Bachelors degree in a design subject, preferably graphic design and if successful, you will need to provide a portfolio of all your recent work that has been completed, from either university or previous work.

Finally, When Dealing with the customers, it is essential that you have good

communication skills so that you can properly inform what is happening regarding your project to the clients, you will also be required to take charge of projects and ensure that the customer is satisfied with what the final product is.

If you have any further questions regarding this Opportunity, please send your CV to