A Few of My Favorite Things

Black History Month Edition

Black History Month Showcase

Black History Month gives your students a great opportunity to remember important contributions of African Americans as well as events that have shaped our nation.

Word Clouds

Word Clouds are a digital collage of words. Brainstorm words that are associated with Black History Month and make a class word cloud, or have students do it individually. Easy to add to the end of a lesson.

What's Your Dream?

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Have students write their dreams on a small white dry erase board and take photos of them. Print those photos out to make a great bulletin board. This can be part of a great classroom or grade level project and carry a powerful message.


Great way to get students engaged in historical events! Use pictures from the Civil Rights Movement and have students come up with what would be posted on Instagram about them.
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Mad Lips puts your lips on a picture and makes them move. Have students give a short summary of a famous black American’s life and record it with this app. Madame Tussads have great pics of historical figures that work well. Puts a fun spin on research and the app is already on our iPads!