By : Gabriel, and Juan



Neptune is the 8th planet from the sun. Also has a big spot on it like Jupiter but the color is dark blue. Also has very very thin rings just like Jupiter's set of thin rings. It is names after the Roman god Neptune
(Above) The big blue dot is like Jupiter's dot and it is 8,100 miles long.

  • Neptune is 2,780,000,000 miles from the sun.
  • hydrogen and helium, with trace amounts of methane, water, ammonia and other ices.
  • It is -360.4 Fahrenheit.
Neptune has one of the most violent weathers. Astronomers have clocked winds on Neptune traveling at 2,100 km/hour

Neptune has 13 known moons

Neptune has rings around it. They are really thin so you cant see them

Neptune takes 164.79 years to orbit around the Sun.
Neptune takes 16 hours, 6 minutes and 36 seconds to rotate once on its axis.
we would weigh a little bit more. If you weighed 75 pounds you would do 75x1.12
There is thousands of houses you can also reserve moons for birthdays and party reservations.

We offer better deals than Jupiter!

There is a resort neptune and there symbol is a trident

There is also a great sea the sea of Horseas.

People refer to it as the great dark spot.

you can also ice skate on the rings around and then go to triton for diner

Neptune is very very very very very very very very windy so we have a lot of power.

You can wind surf and fly a kite any day