Our Lady of Lourdes School T3:W4

Newsletter: 17 August 2021


We pray that the week has started well for you. We are nearly half way through the term. Our building work is going well after finding many things they were not expecting. The completion date looks to be around November 3rd, with a blessing of our modernised building to be on Sunday November 7th after 9.30am mass - further confirmation of details will follow as dates are confirmed.

Happy 21st birthday to Jemma, our wonderful teacher aide in our junior rooms. We wish her abundant blessings. We also have to share that this week will be Jemma's last as she is moving on from our school. We thank her for all her amazing contributions and we wish her all the very best for her future teacher training studies.

Below is a special liturgy compiled by Mrs O'Callaghan that we shared yesterday with your child. This is full of wonderful images and information with links to music. Please use this for your family prayer time this week.

Health Curriculum Meeting/Hui August 18th after our Zones of Regulation meeting

We look forward to seeing many of our families tomorrow night, Wednesday AUGUST 18th @ 6pm in the hall - please let the school office know if you are attending.

We are introducing the Zones of Regulation programme to our school. The evening will begin with Eric and Irirangi from the Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB).

This will be followed by our Health Curriculum consultation which every school is required to undertake every two years. We are required to teach 12 -15 hours on the Sexuality Curriculum. Below is some of our Health Statement...


We are made in the image and likeness of God and we are good (Gen1:31).

I hangia tātou kia ōrite to tātou āhua ki to te Atua, ā, he pai tātou.


The Board of Trustees, along with the staff, will develop an explicit ‘Local School Curriculum’ programme to ensure that the Health Curriculum provides teaching and learning programmes that meet the Special Character of the school. Catholic Beliefs, Practices and Social Teachings will be interwoven into the programme.

It will incorporate these key concepts:

  • That we are made in the image and likeness of God

  • Life is precious and our bodies are a gift from God

  • Be aware of and acknowledge their cultural identity

  • Acknowledge and respect differences in others

  • Gain a sense of belonging and wellbeing

  • To realise how they belong in family/whānau

  • Begin to appreciate relationships with friends and family

  • The sacredness/tapu of their bodies and others

  • Personal health and hygiene

  • Know how to be safe about their bodies and recognise good and bad touch


This Health Statement is for the Proprietor, Board of Trustees, staff and developed in consultation with whānau/parents. Community communication will occur at least once every two years.


  • At Our Lady of Lourdes school, our Health Education programme aligns with the Gospel teachings of Jesus, our school Mercy values and the New Zealand Curriculum. Through participating in the Health Education programme children/tamariki will be given the time, guidance, tools and knowledge to enhance their own well-being within a Catholic environment.

  • As educators, we will foster a community of support with family/whānau and the Catholic Church for children and young people to grow and develop spiritually, socially, morally, emotionally, physically, intellectually and in human sexuality from a Catholic perspective. These are:

  • that they are made in the image and likeness of God and so are very good (Gen 1:31)

  • the purpose of God’s gift of life

  • the sacredness/tapu and dignity of people

  • that people are unique and gifted

  • that people need to be in relationships, giving and receiving

  • that life is a journey, Te Wa, in which people are challenged to grow to be their best selves and become more Christ-like.

  • that Catholic teachings will assist them to respect the freedom of human persons as God does and to have a deepening understanding of what it means to give and receive free consent to any action


  • Throughout our teaching of the Health curriculum, Catholic teachings and values will be considered. Prayer/karakia will be interwoven into the programme giving learners/ākonga the opportunity of encountering Christ.

  • Teachers will attend the NZCBC recommended Catholic professional development course, ‘Having Life to the Full’ - grounded in John 10:10 to enable them to best support their programmes from a Catholic perspective.

  • Health Education is also integrated into our RE programme through the teaching of values, respect and caring for others, mental health and well-being.

  • Parents will be consulted on any outside programme content before it is taught in the school and will be consulted every two years on the content of the whole Health programme.

  • We incorporate health and safety studies through outside agencies into our biannual programme ensuring that a Catholic perspective is safeguarded and embedded.


Website for Te Ara a Maria: Mary’s Way project

A website has been created to help promote the bishops’ renewal of the dedication of the country to Our Lady Assumed into Heaven. The renewal project has the title Te Ara a Maria: Mary’s Wayand runs for 12 months from 15 August.

Go here for the website: www.tearaamaria.nz

The Assumption of Mary is August 15th.
We celebrate the Week of Mary from the 14th to August 21st (we are celebrating the Octave of the Feast day).
Mō Maria - An Introduction


Room 1/2 Mrs O'Connor, Ms Brown, Mrs Cheetham- Savia-for her Mercy Value of Respect when listening to others as they share their learning.

Keren - for living with the Mercy value of Excellence and Respect. She always give 100% to all task and with such a kind heart.

Room 3 - Believers/Mrs Pedley: Amelia - by showing the Mercy value of Hospitality by supporting our new learners in the classroom.

Room 6 - Aroha/Mrs O'Callaghan: Ollie D - for his Mercy Value of Excellence. He always takes care in his work and gives 100%

Room 7 - Mahi Tahi/Mrs Moor: Jahde - For her Mercy Value of Respect in all her interactions in and around the school - Tino pai rawe!

Room 8 - Rangitira/Mr Anderson: Neve - for showing the Mercy Value of Respect, through listening attentively to others when working cooperatively.

Essential Property Maintenance Funding - Exciting news for our Catholic schools

Our Catholic schools have been given the same opportunity as all state schools in receiving additional funding to upgrade our schools/kura. The amount was based on our July 1st 2020 roll return, so our school will have an additional $88,000 to work on areas around our school. Health and Safety aspects will be considered first and then areas that require upgrading. This money will certainly help with many things we would like to do for our children and our school property. We will be working with the Property Manager at the Diocese as we move through this process. We will let you know more when we have more information.

Big picture
Big picture


  • McAULEY: 495
  • ONGLEY: 523
  • VINCENT: 592
  • FRANCIS: 686


We truly appreciate all your wonderful support with this great opportunity to raise money for our school. Please pass this on to your families. You will receive a token for every $50 spent.... this money will go towards improving our school playgrounds. The Board have begun the first stage, purchasing two new pieces of equipment and extending the original area.


    • TERM 3 DATES
    • August
    • 17th: Year 6 to travel to the Cathedral for this combined mass
    • 18th: Zones of Regulation and Health Consultation Information Evening at 6pm
    • 19th: Netball/Ripper Rugby Tournament (Yr 5/6) at St Mary's Palmerston North from 9.30am
    • 19th: Two staff to attend the ENVIRO schools day - Mrs Moor/Mrs Pedley
    • 20th: Mahi Tahi (Rm 7) Rosary/mass @ 9.30am
    • 26th: Postponement date - Ripper Rugby and Netball @ St Marys Palmerston North
    • 27th: Rangatira (Rm 8) Rosary/mass @ 9.30am
    • September
    • 3rd: Believers - Rosary/mass @ 9.30am - please come along and join your child
    • 10th: Aroha - Rosary/mass @ 9.30am- please come along and join your child
    • 17th: Mahi Tahi - Rosary/mass @ 9.30am - please come along and join your child
    • 23rd: Whananautanga/Interschool Kapa Haka festival - Taihape Townhall
    • 24th: Rangatira - Rosary/mass @ 9.30am - please come along and join your child
    • 29th: CATHOLIC SCHOOLS DAY - details to follow
    • October
    • 1st: Last day of Term 3