inventor, writer, educater, an astronomer

Just a Little Background

  • Galileo was born in Pisa Italy on February 15, 1564. His family moved to Florence when he was ten in 1574, which is where he lived the majority of his life. After his education, he became a teacher/tutor that eventually improved the telescope. He didn't have many known patrons, except for one; his father who guided and helped him be the man we know today.

His Education

As a future astronomer Galileo was highly interested in math and science, so a close friend recommended him to his teacher Nicolo Tartaglia who eventually taught Galileo until he was 21 in 1585 before he got his degree due to money problems, so he switched over to a cheaper and less experienced tutor from his birth town.


Galileo achieved many things in his life like writing his Dialogue concerning the Two Chief World Systems, which was an astronomical manuscript that showed that we rotated around the sun along with other planets. I mainly want to talk to you mostly about his greatest invention; his improved telescope.

The Telescope

Galileo invented his version of the telescope from the beginning to the end of the year 1609, but why do I say his version? Technically Galileo didn't invent the telescope, Hans Lippershey did on September 10th 1608. Galileo highly improved the original design to zoom up to 30x it's highest zoom. This is how he figured out that we rotate around the sun and it doesn't move around us. I find it very interesting to know that without Galileo, we wouldn't be able to see the Moon up close from so far. I also like that it represents humanism by moving ahead from previous beliefs.


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