Social Media in Education

What is Social Media?

According to, social media is a website that doesn't just give you information, but interacts with you while giving you that information. There are many benefits for incorporating social media into education systems. Using social media helps to improve communication, provides real time information in just seconds, allows for positive promotion of the school and events, makes one more efficient in their message delivery, and for most everyone, it is not a burden.


What is Facebook? According to, Facebook is a social networking website that makes it easier for one to connect and share with family, friends, group members, and community members about important information. In order to create a school's Facebook page, one must create a branch from his/her personal page. He/she can then add additional administrators to the page, which will help to keep families informed of important events and updated as quickly as possible. Today, Facebook is the world's largest social media network, with over one billion users (


What is Edmodo? Edmodo is a part of social media that was created by two school district employees who wanted to bridge the gap between social lives and learning, while helping to bring education to a 21st century learning environment. Using Edmodo in the classroom, teachers are able to build relationships with their students in a non-traditional manner, collaborate with other teachers to enhance learning outcomes, and open learning opportunities for students and professional development opportunities for themselves. By having students engaged in using Edmodo, teachers are able to teach, monitor, and reteach behaviors related to students' digital citizenship. Parents can also create an account to monitor activity as well. According to, Edmodo is the number 1 K-12 social learning network, with over 50 million members.
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Facebook is a great tool for using in the classroom or as a school for things like:

*promoting home-school communication

*promoting special event nights

* posting reminders about big assignments, tests, report cards, etc.

* reminding parents about or showing off field trips

* showcasing events at school, ie: Awards Ceremonies, graduations, PBIS celebrations, class project presentations, robotics projects, etc.

* students can create a fictitious account for someone while completing a biography unit

* conduct surveys for classrooms to use real-time data when teaching graphing

* keeping families informed of important news concerning the school (sharing newspaper articles following school board meetings)

To the left is a picture of a recent event I posted pictures for our ROES school community to see.

Here is a link to my school's Facebook page that I maintain.


Edmodo is used more so as a means for communication within a classroom. Many opportunities are provided for the students to communicate as well as stay informed about events in the classroom. A few ways in which Edmodo could benefit the classroom include:

* having a "social hallway" and a "classroom", where students can practice proper grammar (capital letters, ending punctuation, complete thoughts, etc.) vs a more relaxed form of discussion (BRB, L8TR, etc.)

* teachers can post assigned homework and remind of upcoming quizzes or tests

* students can ask questions about homework, while peers or the teacher can respond

* students can have dialogue about books being read in class

* post pictures and videos for classroom activities

* take a poll

The picture to the right demonstrates how a teacher can create an assignment that can be accessed from anywhere with internet access.