Team 7 News

Feb. 10th-14th

Student Led Conferences

We will be holding Student Led Conferences the evening of March 16th, 17th and 18th. You will be receiving an email soon to sign up for your conference time.


Upcoming Plans

Monday: Quiz Corrections

Tuesday: Writing and Solving Equations from Word Problems Notes

Wednesday: Writing and Solving Equations from Word Problems Group Project

Thursday: Writing and Solving Equations from Word Problems Group Presentations

Friday: Interim State Assessment

Language Arts

This week, students will be finishing up our work with Long Way Down, (the novel ending is left open; did you read the ending your child wrote? They were pretty great!) and beginning our close reading of selections from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Our work with these texts is to help us answer the question: How do we make decisions for ourselves?

Monday: Write MEAL paragraph to answer the question, how does Long Way Down show how we make decisions for ourselves?

Tuesday: State Interim Assessment

Wednesday: (continue assessment) Finish paragraphs if necessary

Thursday: Background information for Huck Finn--slavery

Friday: Background information for Huck Finn continued--the fugitive slave act

Science - Mrs. Brown

Science continues to move forward learning about force and motion in our physics curriculum. This week we are learning Newton's Laws of Motion and all about momentum. The Chapter 2 test will be coming up next week.

Monday - Doodle notes/which law worksheet

Tuesday, Wednesday, THursday - Newton's Laws Discovery Stations

Friday - Momentum