So B. It

Soof: Nickname for Sophia, which means love.

By: Sarah Weeks

Genre: Realistic Fiction

"What is it mama?" I whispered. "What do you remember?" "Soof" she whimpered softly, "Soof."

Family time is sacred and should be respected, as well as protected.

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Everyone has fights with their family members. Yet, in the end they are there for you when you need them the most. You should believe in my message because in the story, So B. It , Heidi loses her mother whom she loved and cared about very much. Even though her mama has limited vocabulary, Heidi knew that she was loved by being called "Soof", being smiled at, and tea being made by her mother. In addition to having limited vocabulary, the mother could not say her birth name so her daughter and neighbor called her So B It. The quote from the story was a conversation between Heidi and her mother. "Soof" is the most important word that Heidi's mother says. Heidi tried to force her mom to tell her what "Soof" meant. This caused a fight, and sadly this was the last time Heidi spoke with her mother in person before So B It died. This shows that you should love and respect your family, because the next time you want to say sorry about a fight or say that you love them, they could be gone.