Biomass and renewable energy

🌿Poop & plant energy 💩

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is generated from a natural resource and replenishes quickly (never ending supply). Renewable energy Can be generated into biomass (wast energy), Hydro (water energy) Geothermal (ground energy) etc. renewable energy is more environmental friendly some people even have solar panels for windmills on their roofs


Biomass is energy from living things waste example dog poop can be transformed into biomass energy. You can be turned into ethanol for methane gas to power ,cars ,houses give heat and more. Examples of biomass are:would sugarcane dodo etc. you may think would be disgusting and make your lightbulb smell of poo but does energy have a smell trick question either way it's a big fat no. Biomass's working are pretty simple. First The Biomass is Feeded to boiler which provides Steam for a turbine and power is generated


biomass is a Renewable energy source. English translation ? It will never run out. Also biomass is widely available which means people have access to it all around the world. And for an added bonus biomass is cleaner then fossil fuels So biomass is more environmental friendly Plus it is turning waste into energy that means that dog droppings you saw on the side of the road yesterday is being converted into energy great right?


Biomass has some disadvantages too for example it requires water to grow. you maybe wondering sure plants need water but poo you're wrong .but actually you need water to drink and the stuff is made partially of water so...yeah also it takes up foostocks that require energy to ship/transport
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