Why should you visit Botswana?

We'll tell you here!

Botswana's Not Your Normal Attraction Place

In Botswana there are so many must sees when you visit. No, its not like Disney World or Universal. It involves extreme sight seeing and water sports. First we start off at Chobe National Park which contains Botswana's most varied wildlife as well as some contrasting landscapes. In this park you can actually self drive, but with the roads you need pretty good tires to do that. I don't want to spoil all of it for you but the place includes a river cruise which is a highlight of the visit.

Just A Little More And A Brochure

Botswana is basically one big Safari, so why not do some bird watching at the Africa Bird Club. Yeah, thats right! You'll just happen to see some of there 550 different types of birds. Now all this reading has probably made you want to know more. Why don't you head over to our brochure. It will give you everything you need!