Providence News

March 2018

School Wide

  • Reminder: We are closed for Spring Break Thursday March 29-Monday April 2nd. We will see you on Tuesday April 3rd.
  • Registration for the school year 2018/2019 is due Tue April 3rd.
  • Our annual Egg Hunt will be Friday April 6th.
  • We are having Memories with Mom on Wed. May 9th at 9:00. Please join us for a light breakfast.

Montessori Prep (Ms. Nina)

March flew by! We celebrated St Patrick’s Day with some sneaky leprechauns that made a mess throughout some of the classrooms. We were sad to say goodbye to Sydney as she moved up to pre primary into Ms. Justin’s class. Augustus has been talking and signing more and more each week. Piper and Emily are still working on turning over from their backs to their bellies. We had our share of snow this winter but I am glad to see it go. We will hopefully get some more walks in in the coming months.

Pre-Primary (Ms. Justin)

Wow! March flew by. This month, we welcomed Sydney from Ms. Nina’s class & a new classmate, Charlotte. Both girls have adjusted nicely & made friends with everyone in the Pre-primary classrooms. We have enjoyed a lot of time in the snow but hopefully we have seen the last of it. Lol. Kids enjoyed making snow balls & sledding in our last big storm. We have talked a lot about spring being here & how flowers will start to come back with the weather getting warmer. Please remember to send boots in daily or send a pair to keep here. Even with the weather getting warmer, the ground can still be muddy.

Pre-Primary (Ms. Janell)

The Pre Primary Class has been learning about our new Spring season?!?! Our class was very excited to go out and enjoy the "spring" snow! We did catch glimpses of some budding trees....

The class continues to grow with their knowledge of number symbols and the quantities they represent. We first review as a group using flannel board stories.
During the work cycle they counted gold bursts on shamrocks and matched them to the number quantity they represent. A similar work was presented using ducks with numerals on their backs and matching it with its respective amount in the "duck pond."

We continue working on self help skills of putting on/off boots and shoes, proper hand washing and using a tissue correctly. Thank you for reinforcing these skills at home.
I hope you all enjoy the spring break and have a Happy Easter!

Primary (Ms. Kim)

The month of March flew by as fast as the winds we had during our storms. Although this weather has been up and down we do try and get outside daily. We appreciate you sending in boots and snow clothes. After the "Spring" snow we acquired, it was fun to go out sledding, make snowballs and snow angels.

We talked about Dr. Seuss this month and celebrated his birthday by reading his books and doing art projects related to them. We talked about the colors that make up rainbows and painted our own. Some were very creative and decided to do patterning instead.

St. Patrick's Day was fun as we had a visit from a sneaky leprechaun again. He left green footprints all around the school and even turned our bathroom water green. We were delighted to find out he even visited Via Roma pizza to turn our pizza crust green.

We had a visit this month from the Groder's. Eloise's dad Mitch is a pilot. He came in to talk with us about being a pilot. He showed us a map so we could see a pretend plane flying, posters of the cockpit, and pictures of different airplanes. The children were so excited they couldn't stop asking questions. We especially (teachers) appreciated how he reinforced all he learned to be a pilot and how he flies by Listening! :)

This month was also busy with birthdays. We celebrated Cooper who turned 3, Caris and Eloise who turned 4 and Jasmine who turned 5 by walking around the sun. It is a special celebration/Montessori song where we talk about how in one year we(on the earth) rotate around the sun and what they learned or did that year as they grew. Thank you also for the special treats to celebrate and the wonderful share basket snacks, pictures and books.

We ended the month by having the Easter Bunny visit (Ms. Marybeth dressed up) with her rabbit Thumper. It was fun to see him hopping and to pet him.

Have a wonderful spring break to all and enjoy your holiday!

Primary (Ms. Melanie)

March definitely did not bring spring weather with it! The children enjoyed their last (I HOPE) frolic in the snow. They had a great time riding on sleds and making snowballs. We had a surprise visitor on March 16th. A Leprechaun left behind quite the scene. There were green footprints throughout the classroom. He checked every nook and corner - the stairwell, the refrigerator and freezer and even the bathroom! The leprechaun did leave us a pet fish that the children have been eager to observe and take care of.

The children are continuing to learn and grow with each passing day. Their reading, writing and math skills are continuing to develop with works such as the 100 Board, 45 Layout, Sandpaper Letters, Movable Alphabet and phonetic reading cards and books.

We have had some wonderful visitors in the classroom. Dr.'s Greyson visited the children at the end of February to teach them about DNA and how it relates to them. The children had a great time making their own DNA bracelets! Mr. and Mrs. Groder came in to talk about flying as Eloise's dad is a pilot. The children were very excited about the topic and they had some great questions for Mr. Groder. Thank you to both families!