Digital Media and Your Brain

Digital Citzenship

digital media actually designed to get you hooked?

think about the ways different digital media does -- and does not -- help us find healthy media balance.
Teen Voices: The Pressure to Stay Connected


Answer the questions using a "stick note" or Text box on the shared JamBoard

  • be sure to include your name on your note- or in your text box
  • go to the next page if the page(s) are full

#2. Create your own JamBoard

Use a Jam to answer the questions below explaining your ideas and opinions.

How does social media use addictive design like feedback loops to get and keep your attention?

  • Likes, dislikes, or other ratings
  • Comments
  • The ability to share pictures and see other peoples' pictures
  • Streaks
  • Videos with autoplay features
  • Livestreaming

How to make your jamboard

  • Go to Drive
  • click "new"
  • click "more"
  • find jamboard

Be sure to include extras to make your Jam look engaging:

  • text boxes
  • lines
  • shapes
  • upload pictures

#3. Compare and Contrast: Addictive Design Vs. Humane Design

Use Google Slides to create a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast these two topics.

  • use this worksheet (from Common to help you in your thinking.
  • page two- directions for comparing and thinking about one app or website you use frequently.

Venn Diagram

Add Slides- in Google Classroom

  • use Google Classroom to add your slides
  • add/create- then choose "slides" it is a yellow icon

*remember use classroom to create Google Apps: it shares the file, names the file, and is add to your assignment with one click*

Making the Diagram

Google Slides

  • You will need a blank slide
  • add in your circles- using: insert --> shape--> circle
  • hold "shift" will making your circles to get the perfect circle.
  • overlap enough to be able to insert text

  • Text boxes- use the icon or insert --> text

Choose good fonts and color choices.

Format the circles to be able to see the borders and border color.

Big picture
Big picture