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5 Day LIVE New Learning Coach Training Sessions-beginning 8/3 at 10am

Click each blue box below to enter sessions LIVE at 10 am August 3rd-7th!

All NEW Learning Coaches are invited to these OPTIONAL and brief training sessions the week prior to school beginning. We will cover a variety of topics that will ensure that you feel ready to begin school with us on August 12th. Attendance to all sessions below will earn a Bronze Learning Coach Certificate! If you cannot attend LIVE, recordings will made available.

8/3/20 @10am Responsibilities of a Learning Coach

Click the blue box above to enter the Newrow classroom LIVE on Monday, August 3, 2020 at 10am. What does it mean to be a Learning Coach? Join staff and veteran LCs to explain this role. Let's begin your online schooling journey together!

8/4/20 @10am Setting Up Your Learning Space

Don't go shopping for school supplies until you attend this session! Tips and tricks from seasoned LCs on how to set up effective Learning Spaces for your students. All within your budget too! Click the blue box above to enter LIVE @ 10am.

8/5/20 at 10am Setting up Time Zones and Email

Click the blue box above to join us LIVE at 10am for this session. If you don't want your student to miss a class or teacher communication-then this session is for you! Time zone set up and email management are crucial to online schooling success.

8/6/20 at 10am Online School Navigation

Click the blue box above to join LIVE at 10am. Remember feeling "lost" on your first day of a new school. Double that anxiety for our online students! Join us to learn your way around our online schools. Students are welcome to attend with you!

8/7/20 at 10am What to Expect the First Few Weeks

Click the blue box above to join us LIVE at 10am. Nervous about school? Let's take the mystery out of your first few weeks of school. After this session, you and your student will be ready to begin school at 8:30am on Wednesday, August 12th!

Watch emails for information on the Student Support Service Desk beginning August 12th!

All Student Media Release Form – Click Here to Complete

We ask this form be completed by the legal guardian for every student enrolled. The Media Release Form includes 2 sections: Photo Release, and Face to Face Platform (webcam) Usage. You will be given the choice to accept or decline each opportunity.

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Contact Information

Shauna Irvin

OVCA/ISOK Lead Community Family Advisor

Phone: 405.259.9478 ext.2052

Text: 405.652.9593

OVCA email:

ISOK email:

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