Let's change OUR world

Educators: Ask yourselves these 3 important questions:

Do you believe your students can have an impact on our world?

Do you want your students to be problem-solvers and innovators?

Are you willing to commit to a movement that empowers student to ACT?

If you answered YES to the above questions, then Choose2Matter is for you!

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Who We Are

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Angela Maiers

believes two words can change the world: YOU MATTER. She is an educator, author and speaker passionate about literacy, learning and the power of social media. Angela is the co-founder of Choose2Matter and her passionate Ted Talk entitled "You Matter" inspired this amazing movement.

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What we do:

We offer 'Choose2Matter Live' events where we teach innovation and social entrepreneurialism to K-12 students in real time.

We offer live and virtual staff development on the Choose2Matter system.

We offer a packaged Choose2Matter system complete with guides on how to implement the system in your school!

We will connect students and their brilliant ideas with real companies and mentors who can help turn their projects into reality!

We offer the above and much much more to K-12 schools and districts around the world!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each Choose2Matter Live event? Typically, events are 2 full school days. But we are willing to adapt the live event to fit your specific needs.

How many students will be able to attend? We will try to accommodate as many students as possible. Typically groups of ______ or less work best for the live event.

How can we get more information? You can find more information at, or feel free to contact us using the information below.