Battle for Bisons

By: Anna Davis

4 important terms to learn

  1. Natural resource - the environment that supplies materials necessary for survival
  2. Nonrenewable resource - a natural resource that is used up faster than it can be replaced
  3. Renewable resource - a resource that is replaced naturally
  4. Inexhaustible resource - a resource that never runs out

Bisons are a nonrenewable resource.

Bisons are a nonrenewable resource. Why? Well, by hunting and killing these animals it makes there species number go down faster than they can be renewed. That is why they are nearly threatened. Also, sometimes the environment is not suitable for them. Many times their habitat is being destroyed for towns and cities. These animals need a protected place to roam free. How do we help? Adopt a bison and stay informed.
Dances with Bulls: The Great Bison Roundup


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