Weekly Update 1.12.15

and December Re-Cap

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PLEASE NOTE: After speaking with other leaders and hearing what they are doing, we have decided to move away from doing a weekly team update but, never fear....we will move our weekly tops sales and sponsoring recognition over to our team facebook page and continue to post home office updates and information there. Make sure you're a part of our page!
We are back from the best Director's Retreat to date and SO ready to dive back in to booking and sponsoring like never before! This weekend was such a great reminder of what an amazing company we are a part of and that we really do have the ability to change lives. We watched so many leaders (many of our own!) walk across that stage and celebrate the fact that they set a high bar in 2014 and they reached it! Have you heard about Wendy Ayer? Single mom of 3 who set a bold goal for 2014 to hold 100 trunk shows so that she could put a down payment on a house and she did it! Now THAT'S inspiring! We listened to others set their big, bold goals for 2015 and we were truly inspired by our home office team. 2014 was a year of change for us as a company as we introduced a new comp plan, new systems, and the Family of Brands. That's all behind us now and 2015 is game time! What are you going to do?
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Let's Celebrate Devember Promotions!

Candita Choffy - Star Stylist

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Hometown: Fayetteville NC
Start Date: January 10, 2013
Stats: Mother of 2 Boys, MJ 7 years old and Caleb 5 1/2 years old. Former NYC pastry chef, I still enjoy cooking and baking. Love the ballet and theater!
Fave Part of S&D Business: My favorite aspect of Stella & Dot is our design and our team. Our jewelry is of course to die for but our team and all the support and friendships that's what I love!
3 Month Goal: My 3 month goal is heart of leadership star and building my first star team members!

Morgan Lyon - Star Stylist

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Emily O'Connor - Senior Stylist

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Hometown: Originally from Tampa, Florida but I've lived in Richmond since 1993!

Start Date: November 2013

Stats: Business Systems Analyst with Dominion Power for 7 years, have 2 Alaskan Huskies, play volleyball 2 times a week, and I love photography, clothes, jewelry, and reading!! Not necessarily in that order! I'm also having a ton of fun being a Stella & Dot Stylist, and I'm very proud to have promoted to Senior!
Fave Part of S&D Business: I love how goal oriented S&D is with their Stylists and how they recognize Stylists for meeting their goals!

3 Month Goal: Sponsor 3-5 more stylists and 4-5 trunk shows per month. Try to hit Star!!!

Katherine Lester - Senior Stylist

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Hometown: Newport News, VA

Start Date: October 3, 2014

Stats: Full time Property Manager, wife, mother of 3(including 3 year old twins). They are awesome! All of them! :)

Fave Part of S&D Business: That's a tough one. I love a good challenge, so part of what is so rewarding for me is hitting a goal that I've set for myself. I also love just getting out of the house and meeting new people. Getting paid for having girl time is a pretty nice deal! Plus, I absolutely LOVE my team!

3 Month Goal: My goal over the next three months is to grow my team of positive, hard-working, "let's help each other succeed" type of women into a Star team! That would be amazing!

Karen Owczarski - Senior Stylist

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Hometown: Mclean, VA

Start Date: January 20 after attending my first Stella holiday party with my sponsor Jennifer Dix
Stats: Mom of 4, ages 19, 17, 15 and 12 - two girls and two boys. Work full-time as a trademark attorney and love to read.
Fave Part of S&D Business: Love my team under Kim Jones and the social aspects of the business. Love the ability to earn extra money especially now when my kids are starting college and attend Catholic schools. I love the women empowerment and meeting some wonderful and strong women who all support each other. Has been fun!

3 Month Goal: I would LOVE to get to STAR before Hoopla.

Michele Ledgerwood - Senior Stylist

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Hometown: Grew up in Paris, France but currently live in Arlington, VA
Start Date: October 31, 2011
Stats: Consultant in global health and strategic futures, married for 13 years to the love of my life, Mom of two VERY active tweens who keep me both busy and grounded! My passions (other than fashion) are travel, cooking, languages, and live music.
Fave Part of S&D Business: the sisterhood. This is hands-down the most fun, impressive, mutually supportive group of women I have ever been a part of.
3 Month Goal: Star, baby!

Stefanie Raymond - Senior Stylist

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Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Start Date: December 2012

Stats: Stay at home mom of three: Sofie (9), Davis (6) and Georgia (4)! In my past life I was a marketing person and then a realtor before becoming a mom to 3! I do a lot of volunteering at my kids school and out in the community! Our kids keep us on the go a lot - but we love to slow down by going to our favorite beach, Bald Head Island, NC. We love Charlottesville and all the wonderful things to do here.

Fave Part of S&D Business: I’ve loved being able to use my skills from my former life in this business - there is a lot of crossover! It’s been a great way to dip my toe back into the working world, challenging myself with big glad, finding some “me” time and reconnecting with lots of women after being home with babies! The bonus has been the fun new friends I’ve met, traveling to Hoopla two times and sharing the Stella & Dot style (and my huge accessories wardrobe is a plus!!).

3 Month Goal: Build my team, work on being a great coach and STAR by Hoopla!

Danielle Sweene - Senior Stylist

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Congrats to our newest Associate Stylists!

Elyse Johnson
Laura Harris
Stacie Wright
Kimberly Mavroides
Jennifer Day
Carly Cochran
Megan Moore
Margaret Underhill
Carla Hughes
Krystal Foxen
Darcey Bechtel
Heather McCain
Mary Levin
Angela Luminello
Lindsay Miller
Amy Moore
Lauren Lasseigne
Nicole Heiner

And Congrats to our Newest Lead Stylists!

Elizabeth Voellings
Sarah Cutleer
Christina Oliver

Top Sellers December

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Christine Swartz 21,557

Lisa Tyler 12,571
Mary Levin 9,857
Barbara Muehr-Ellis 9,292
Jessica Sigler 8,570
Kim Jones 8,504
Kelly Cox 7,442
Julie Canellos 7,360
Morgan Lyon 7,271
Caitlin Haggerty 6,824

Top Sellers - January Month to Date

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Jessa Helm 5,599

Barbara Muehr-Ellis 4,145
Christine Swartz 3,579
Tara Bohm 3,366
Kathryn Larson 2,760
Christine Scott 2,138
Ashley Ryan 2,046
Julie Smith 2,041.
Ashley Tucker 2,034
Lisa Tyler 1,971

Top in Sponsoring- December

Congrats to Jessica Sigler for sponsoring 3 new Stylists in December!

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Congrats on sponsoring 2 new Stylists!

Charlotte Fraser
Margaret Underhill
There were many more who joined in December - congrats to all of you who grew your team!

Save The Date - Spring Launch Parties

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Richmond, VA
Wednesday, January 14th
7:00 Meet Stella & Dot followed by All Stylist Meet-Up
Register Here

Charlottesville, VA
Wednesday, January 14th
Avemore Apartments Clubhouse
6:30 Meet Stella & Dot
7:30 New Line Launch and All Stylist Meeting
Register Here

Kill Devil Hills, NC
Wednesday, January 14th
210 Truxton St
6:00pm Meet Stella & Dot followed by All Stylist Training
Register Here

McLean, VA
Wednesday, January 14th
Mylo's Grill
7:00 Meet Stella & Dot followed by Local Stylist Meet Up
Register Here

Leesburg, VA
Thursday, January 15th
Swoon Women's Boutique
6:00 Spring Style Event
Register Here

Lynchburg, VA
Monday, January 19th
Details to come- Save the Date!

Nashville, TN
Monday, January 19th
Jonathan's Grille - Green Hill
6:00 Meet Stella & Dot
7:00 All Stylist Meet-Up
Register Here

Abingdon, VA
Tuesday, January 20th
El Bigotes Mexican Grill
7:00 Meet Stella & Dot
8:00 Training
Register Here

Raleigh, NC
Tuesday, January 20th
Details to come- Save the Date!

Princeton, NJ
Tuesday, January 27th
Society Hill Clubhouse
7:00 Opportunity Event & Style Session
8:00 Training and Celebration
Register Here

Check the Events tab (under Training) in the Lounge to find more events happening across the country!

Home Office Training Calls

You are in business FOR yourself, not BY yourself! Training/Coaching is an important aspect of your business if you are wanting to grow and take your business to new heights! Here are GREAT ways to do it (check the lounge for registration details)!
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Welcome New Stylists!

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My Upcoming Show Schedule

January 23rd Midlothian
January 29th Powhatan
February 5th Chesterfield
February 6th Doylestown, PA

Hope you have a great week!

XO, Kelly

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