Physical Development

The 10th Month

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Things to expect in the 10th month

  • Baby can crawl well
  • Rate of growth slows down along with appetite
  • Sit confidently
  • Personality starts to show (whether they're shy or sociable)
  • Can repeat sounds
  • Make gestures (like waving hello & goodbye)
  • Napping once or twice a day & sleeping at night
  • Improved coordination
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Things a baby should be able to do by the 10th month

  • Pick things up using thumb-finger pincer grasp
  • Wave goodbye
  • Crawl well
  • Pull self up into a standing position
  • Sit back down from standing position
  • "Cruise" or walk while holding onto furniture or your hand
  • Object if you take something away
  • Babble
  • Make eye contact

Things a baby will probably be able to do by the 10th month

  • Say "mama" & "dada" to the right parent
  • Stand by his/herself momentarily
  • Respond to his/her name
  • Understand no
  • Point at things
  • Get into a sitting position from his/her stomach
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Things a baby might be able to do by the 10th month

  • Roll a ball back and forth to you
  • Say one word other than "mama" & "dada"
  • Indicate wants with gestures
  • Drink from a cup
  • Walk

Things to remember in the 10th month

  • Don't use baby talk because it will affect your baby's ability to properly pronounce words (since they are just starting to talk)
  • Narrate what you are doing, like "now lets buckle you into your pink carseat"
  • Correct the baby if they mispronounce a word, like "ba ba" instead of "bottle"
  • Baby proof the house
  • Allow them to play next to other children
  • Keep small objects that can be a choking hazard away from the baby
  • They may develop a new fear of something they were never scared of before

Other things to know

  • Finger puppets are a good toy for this age
  • Stacking cups is fun for this age because they are learning to be able to fit smaller objects into larger ones
  • A ball is also a good toy
  • 10 month olds are also skilled enough to be able to hold a toy in one hand and use the other hand for another task
  • The baby will have a few teeth at this age, so you can introduce foods with a thicker consistency
  • At this age you can try giving your baby a spoon and allowing them to try to feed themselves
  • Even though a 10 month old can't really talk yet, you should still engage them in real conversations and respond to their babble so that they keep trying to talk and learn new words. Even using a stuffed animal or puppet to carry on a conversation will help.
  • Hiding toys & helping the baby look for them will practice object permanence (knowing that things still exist even when you can't see them)
  • If you put on some music, your baby will enjoy dancing to it
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Stimulating a Baby's Physical Development : How to Stimulate a 10-Month-Old's Physical Development
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