Less Energy Consumption

Save the Earth

About Energy Consumption

Using a lot of energy is bad for the Earth. For example, cars are polluting the air with all the gas people use for transportation. With all the pollution in the air it can make the air thicker, so it makes it harder to breath. Another example is electricity/cell service, all the cell phones and electronics are producing waves throughout the air that are horrible for us, as well as animals. Bees are dying from it. If this continues the bees could die off and then we wouldn't have a lot of things because bees help us with a lot of things.If the bees die off we wouldn't have honey,the flowers we have could possibly die off to because bees help pollinate,we also would have less fruits and vegetables. We don't want these things to happen.

Saving Energy

How to use Less Energy

Some things you can do to save energy is that you can unplug stuff when your not using it because even though something is turned off, but still plugged in it uses 40 percent of electric/energy. You can turn things off when your not using it because there is on point in leaving stuff on when your not using it because it wastes energy when its on. These things can help us by saving electricity/energy because everything is turned off. You can also use battery powered things so that it isn't wasting electricity. That can help us because it isn't electric, it doesn't involve gases that pollute the air, and it doesn't involve water. You can at least use things less because it saves a little bit of energy. We can also reproduce our energy form clean, renewable resources because it doesn't use bad energy that pollutes the air. It's kind of like reducing, reusing, and recycling. We can use natural resources to get energy because they are good for the Earth and wont hurt or damage the Earth and will make energy just as good as what we use today and now. If you wouldn't mind not having electric on days that aren't sunny you can use solar panels so that you can get electric/energy from the sun. You can also use less water by getting showers not baths. That can help because showers use less water and baths take more water. Also spend less time in the shower. To save energy from gas and not polluting the air you can get hybrid cars so that gas doesn't pollute the air. You can just use everything less often. Those things can all help by using less energy. Those are some ways you can save energy.

Save Our Planet!

Save our planet and be a great person! Start using less electronics and go outside! Start recycling. Try to reuse things and don't just throw things away. Do anything to save our Earth! The Earth is in our hands.