2015 - 2016 Data Analysis

Kelly Gardner

A word on data...

I decided to run the same reports on my AB class for the fall and spring semesters. I was interested to see how the reports would compare. Though these items were for a 10th grade lit/comp course, I am taking all things into consideration as I work on development this year. Let's have a look...

User Tool Access - Discussions

Let's Discuss It

I was interested to see how discussions fared between the semesters. Though these reports are each for one month, I think it gives a glimpse into the course as a whole. I have found that students who are more attentive to the discussion boards are the ones who are more active in the class as a whole. The students who take the time to post, read, reply, and re-post are the ones who are also taking the time to read directions, complete assignments, and ask questions.
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Teacher's Choice - Quiz Score Report

Much Ado About...Quizzes

Students generally have a hard time with Shakespeare. Whether it is the language of the play or the large number of facts, I always get questions about this topic. I decided to run reports in the fall and then again in the spring using the quiz score tool. Thankfully, students seem to be doing okay on the test this year. Hopefully that means that I've done a thorough job with instruction and support of this topic. Actually, the low scores this year on this test are for students who did not take the test at all, or who did decently, but had late work deductions. I looked at the Shakespeare unit as I prepped for development of the 9th grade course. Since Shakespeare is covered in both courses, I thought this might help me better set up 9th grade, so that students are more aware of Shakespeare when they begin the 10th grade course.
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Spring Survey Results

You can take a minute to peruse the selections from my spring surveys. While I do take these answers under strong consideration, I often feel that the results are skewed by things like: the number of students who complete the survey, disgruntled students, and/or inaccurate information. Still, it is important to read what students contribute, so that I can better prepare for the upcoming courses!
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Fall Survey Results

These survey results gave me a chance to reflect on the semester. I always have some students who say I do not respond to emails, or within one day. A lot of times, those students email on a Friday afternoon, or are not checking their email. Occasionally, I do miss an email and am sure to apologize when I respond outside of that time. I did have some comments on these reports of that nature. The images below show an overall satisfaction, I think, with my as an instructor. I do my best to be helpful to students. This will be valuable as I go into the spring semester.