Novio Boy

By Gary Soto


A 9 grader boy named Rudy ,He Wants advice from his best friend Alex for his date , But he learns to be himself ,So he goes with the flow and reads the notes that he wrote down , Then after lunch Patricia gave him a kiss on the cheek and she went home

THEME; be your self and don't stress out] Evidence;you exude cool vibration that makes me feel like a man .'' you reminde me of a crashing ocean , my mermaid .Or flowers in spring



he need self confidence and trust himself.

EXTERNALCONFLICT -he need money for his date for the bill.


vocabulary ;

Surreptitiously; done made or acquired by stealth.

synonyms; secret , sneaky , stealthy ,undercover

Primping; spend time making minor adjustments.

synonyms ; groom, tidy , arrange

Grimaces; an ugly twisted expression on a person face , typically expressing disgust , pain , wry.

synonyms ; scowl , frown , sneer , face .

favorite quote

my favorite quote of the play is , when they were done lunch ,she gave him a kiss on the cheek .

why explain ;because it's his first kiss from any girl