DT Lab :: Plan

For design cycle

Monday 6th

  • I will use SMORE and complete the design section (total time 60 minutes).
  • I will insert all my designs, explain them and evaluate them (30 min)
  • I will create my final design and justify (30 min)
  • The resources I will use will be smore.com, camera, pencil, paper and a word-processor.
  • For homework I will spend 1hr preparing a detailed PLAN and for this I will need the internet, a diary, a computer and smore.com

Tuesday 7th

  • For homework I will research on the internet for examples of DT workshops around the world and focus on layout (30 min) and focus on the contents (30min)(tools, tables, machines, benches, etc.) and this will help guide my own creation.
  • I will also make a new flyer on Smore called "Create", and this is where i will put my final product's picture in.

Wednesday 8th

  • 30 minutes - I will create the building (floor plan and walls) using sketch up.
  • 15 minutes - I will measure carefully the existing building both inside and out.
  • 15 minutes - I will get feedback from teacher and friends about my building dimensions on my sketch-up model
  • 30 minutes - I will insert door ways and walls
  • resources - sketchup, computer and tools for measuring the building and peers for feedback.
  • At the end of class i will be taking a screen shot for the teacher to keep track of what im doing and so i can see my progress. This screen shot will then be uploaded onto my Smore's Create section and i will explain what i have accomplished today.

Thursday 9th

For homework today i will research more on the DT lab designs and get a much better understanding of what i will be doing and to see how DT labs around the world look . I will also start downloading some of the the big items at home such as the table's and chairs so next class i can get on with downloading the rest. I will spend 1 hour on this piece of homework and i will be using both Google sketchup and the Internet.

Friday 10th

Today in class i will take what i learnt on the interenet and all the downloaded items from yesterday and add them to my design (30 minutes). For the rest of the class (45 minutes) i will be using Google sketchup and downloading the rest of the items required in a DT lab and also add a roof to make it look like a room.

- Just for the teacher to keep track of what i will be doing i will take a screen shot of my work today and upload it into my Smore's Create section, and i will explain what i have accomplished today.

resources - Internet, computer and Google sketch-up.

Saturday 11th`

During the course of the "holidays" i will be engaging in other academic activities. However i will be spending 30 minutes on creating 10 questions for the people who will be testing my product.

Sunday 12th

During the course of the "holidays" i will be engaging in other academic activities.

Monday 13th

In my spare time i will be devoting it to other homework as i have many assessment's coming up. However i will check my Google sketchup if i have everything ready for class the next day.

Tuesday 14th

Today i will finish my Create and add the final picture to my Create design and explain it thoroughly (30 mins). I will then start giving my product to my test audience to test my products along with the 10 question's i created on Saturday the 11th.

Wednesday 15th

At home for 1 hour i will be gathering all my information and making a table to store all my information. Once done i will create an Evaluate section and add the table into my Evaluate section.

Thursday 16th

In class i will be finishing up my Evaluate section by adding all the information in a detailed format, and talking about what i have done right and wrong. I'll also give my feedback on how this project went and if i would do it again or not (1:15 hours).

For the rest of the class (15 mins) i will complete the task sheet on my laptop.

Friday 17th

For the last day of this project i wlll simply upload the task sheet with my link on it.

I will be uploading it into managebac.