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January 18, 2016

In the News...

Nutri Serve was chosen last spring in Haddon Township as our new food service provider.

The children are now in the swing of purchasing lunch and snacks. However, I wanted to remind you all about how to go into your portal accounts (see below). The portal gives you access to view detailed transactions on your child’s lunch account including: deposits, meal purchases and ala carte (snack) purchases. Check it out and see if your child(ren) are making healthy choices each week. If you need information to log into your account, please contact Ms. Corleto. Happy eating!

Attention Parents & Guardians:

Improving child nutrition is also the focal point of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act

President Obama in December 2010. The legislation reauthorized the National School Lunch Program signed into law by and USDA's other child nutrition programs. The Act allows USDA, for the first time in over 30 years, the

chance to make real reforms to school meals and increase access to these critical programs. Nutri Serve and Haddon Twp School District are working diligently to follow these guidelines for healthy nutrition.

Snack Policy

School Lunch and Breakfast Programs are often viewed as one of the first opportunities for students to make choices in regards to their own health and nutrition. This can be very empowering and exciting for students and an important part of growing into a healthy adult. It also provides a platform for an introduction to balance, moderation and snacks vs. meals.

In regards to snacks, the goal of Nutri-Serve Food Management and Haddon Twp School District is to teach students that snacking is a supplement and not a replacement for a meal. We offer an array of snack options compliant with USDA Smart Snack Regulations. We limit the students to 1 snack a day as we would like students to view snacks as a treat to be enjoyed in moderation. When there is less of a focus on snacks students are encouraged to eat more of their lunch.

The Parent Portal

Our new LUNCHTIME cash register system throughout the district offers an online log in that can be accessed with your child’s student ID at . Referred to as the parent portal, this portal gives you access to view detailed transactions on your child’s lunch account including: Deposits, meal purchases and ala carte (snack) purchases. If there is ever uncertainty as to where deposited money was spent this is literally a tracking report of your child’s cafeteria activity. You are also able to transfer money onto your child’s account.

Please feel free to contact our office at anytime.

The Week in Review

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What happened?... What's coming up?...

Cooler weather is here! The heat is on. Please continue to send in water bottles daily, our rooms still tend to be warm!

January 18, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, NO SCHOOL

January 19, Lunchtime Enrichment begins

January 19, Instrumental/Choral Concerts, 7:30pm at the high school auditorium

January 20, Monday Schedule

January 20 and 21, Donuts for Dad, 7:30-8:20am

January 21, BOE meeting, 7pm at the RMS media center

January 22, Internet Safety Assembly, 9am, Grades 3-5

January 27-29, Book Fair

January 29, Spirit Day and Sweet Sale

February 4, PreK Round-up, 9-10:30am, Edison School APR

February 9, Friday Schedule

February 9, PTA, 6:30pm

February 12, Teacher in-service, NO SCHOOL

February 15, Presidents' Day, NO SCHOOL

February 18, Kindergarten Round-up, 1-2:30pm, Jennings School APR

February 18, BOE meeting, 7pm at the RMS media center

March 18, Mindfulness Assemblies

April 11-15, PARCC testing