The "Smore" The Better

Spencer Sallee, Editor-in-Chief

Child Labor is true evil

Governments become powerful so does companies and businesses. When they become too powerful they can almost control people and even their entire family including children. Children would be used to go in small spaces where no adult could go into and can be really dangerous and that child is put at risk and the company or business does nothing about injuries that happen or death. Children who work at a coal mine have to carry grease around and grease machine to keep them working. In the mine there is coal dust that the workers breath in that causes health problems with breathing and a child is too young to be having this. This is an outrage and should be outlawed so this can keep children to go to school to get an education and even a better job than what they would have done.

Banking Reforms

"Historically bank failures had been common". Banks would fail when citizens would withdraw their money that is stored in the bank at the same time as others would cause problems with money to keep the bank open for business. The Federal Reserve Act would prevent the failures by allowing the banks to borrow money when they are about to have a financial problem. Three -Tier banking systems were created from the act. "At the top was the Federal Reserve Board", " On the second level were 12 Federal Reserve banks ", "Which served other banks rather than individuals" , "On the third level were the private banks". Now if you do not understand progressive it means something that takes it slow and goes step by step into stages.

All out warfare around the globe

Archduke Franz Ferdinad has been killed and this has started the mass chaos to break out between countries and their enemies. This could end as we know it, it could start revolutions everywhere causing problems . Alliances being made make neighboring countries so nervous that they too have to make an alliance with another. Many countries try to stay out of the conflict but the war will eventually pull them in and cause more bloodshed. New advances in technology cause serious problems in the battlefield as gas, tanks, planes, trenches, barbed wire, and flamethrowers are new and change the way that war is fought forever.

Christmas can bring peace

"As Christmas approached the festive mood and the desire for a lull in the fighting increased as parcels packed with goodies from home started to arrive". The war took a peaceful pause in the fighting as sides started to celebrate Christmas together knowing the peace will not last long. Instead of hatred for one another they become friends and that could probably should have stopped the war instead of more disasters of warfare. Too bad not all countries celebrate Christmas or this could maybe have prevented WW2 but not all wars.

Play ball!

Baseball is America's "past time" and always will be because of one man . Babe Ruth or the great bambino leads his team the Yankees into world series titles. Babe Ruth started his career by pitching then was know for both his battening and pitching when he became well known in the sport of baseball. Babe Ruth's name has been heard all throughout the country and probably even around the globe for his baseball career.

Louis Armstorng's sweet jazz

Louis Armstrong is known for his jazz music like the hit we know "What a Wonderful World". If you don't know Louis Armstrong by his name then you might know him by his nickname Satchmo. He might be colored but a lot of people think that does not matter because he is a good jazz player either way. Being in the north causes him to have popularity among the citizens and probably causes him to get hired to play at a restaurants or even at clubs, shows, etc. .

Too much patriotism?

The U.S. puts out many propaganda that tries to get people to join the army or volunteer for a job to help the war effort or help their families. The government wants the citizens to buy liberty bonds that can be repaid by the government if not lost. This is a way the government uses to gain money for the war so in their point of view they don't have to pay back all the money they got from the citizens of the U.S. . Uncle Sam is the American icon in propaganda for a long time and it has worked by having people believe what these advertisements are trying to get them to do what they want. Other countries use the same method to get people to sign up for military or other jobs that include helping the war or something else the country is needing people for.