Freshman Wisdom

You finally made to High School. Congratulations.


My name's Ty McClymonds. Do not use your phone. It won't end well. Just listen when she talks and you'll be fine. And write everything down, then you will survive.

Book Overview

The Most Dangerous Game is a story about a hunter with a new found perspective. He wrecks his boat and washes up on an island shore. He soon realizes the man that lives there is far from ordinary. He forces the shipwrecked victim to be hunted by the resident on the island. He realizes hunting isn't so black and white being the prey rather than hunter.

Another story is The Lady or the Tiger. A man is caught with the daughter of a barbaric king. He is sent to the arena with two closed doors. One holds a future wife and the other holds a vicious tiger. Which will he choose.

Divergent is a story of the city of Chicago. It takes place after a war and the city was divided into 5 factions. When you turn 16 you choose which faction you would like to be a part of. Tris, the main character, decides to leave her home of the self-less and join Dauntless, the risk takers. She soon learns it isn't as simple as meets the eye.

The Odyssey follows Odysseus, the Greek hero. He attempts to return to his home of Ithaca after the Trojan War. However, the gods are involved. Poseidon wants to make sure he never makes it home. And Athena wants to help Odysseus. It's a tale of ups and downs.

Independent Reading

Read anytime you have downtime. In between classes, waiting for something, etc. If you do that then you should finish ahead of schedule.


I liked the independent reading books. You could always find something your style. And you could read at your own pace.

Not Favorites

Too many projects at once. She assigns none for a while then bombs you with them. It's difficult to keep all of them in order.


Keep all your things in order. If you get cluttered you won't get anything done. And make sure to regularly check edmodo. She usually updates that. And ask her when you don't understand something.

Top 5 Ways To Stay Organized

1. Write Everything Down

2. Use Binder Checklists

3.Buy Folders for Homework

4.Buy Folders for Classwork

5.Consistently ask about upcoming and current assignments


"The best preparation is doing your best today,"- H. Jackson Brown Jr.